Working from your Montana house? Home office ideas.
Whether you’re a consultant, business owner, or simply someone who needs a quiet space to focus, a home office is an excellent investment. Maybe you have a room fully outfitted as a workspace, or just a quiet nook in a room with other functions either way, an intentionally designed home office is essential for productivity, work-life balance, and reduced stress. Working from home is now commonplace, but when was the last time you really thought about the space where you work? Even if you aren’t planning to sell soon, most buyers these days expect to see a home office, and it adds significant value to the property. We pulled together some of our best work-from-home design ideas:

Optimized Home Office

It’s common knowledge that atmospheric design impacts productivity, and there’s a lot of research to back this up. Some proven principles are easy to adapt, like using natural lighting to reduce eye strain and tiredness. At home, you control the climate, and investing in an air filtration system will boost your health, ability to concentrate, and your home’s value. 

Minimalist Home Office

It’s best to keep the cutter and intrusions from real life at bay in a home office. You’ll see this idea at work in minimalist offices that use design to create an atmosphere of efficiency and simplicity. Strip away the unnecessary details so you can give your attention to the work at hand. Whether your style is minimalist or maximalist, it makes sense to invest in shelving or functional furniture to tuck away files. 

Trendy Home Office

Novelty keeps our brains active and engaged, so don’t be afraid to mix it up with new trends. One trend we have our eye on is a decline in power offices, where the desk occupies a commanding, central space in the room, and a shift towards offices with cozy seating and a warm, welcoming feel (even if you’re only meeting on Zoom).

Small Home Office Ideas

Even if you don’t have a full room dedicated to office space, you can still showcase work-from-home hybrid designs. Use room dividers, tall plants, strategically placed wallpaper, or an off-the-wall open bookshelf to create an office.
If you’re looking for Montana real estate with a home office, our agents at PureWest can help you find the perfect property. And if you’re thinking about selling your house, we can help with home office inspiration that will attract buyers who work from home.

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